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Drafting is the most important aspect of custom furniture design

RMK Designs can build the perfect piece of furniture to fit your home in any style and shape.

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The following is a few examples of what we can do for you.

Stereo Equipment Rack

Walnut Equipment Rack

  • Wood: Walnut
  • Finish: Rubbed Oil in Dark Walnut Color
  • Size: 58" high 18" wide

This equipment rack was built for a client in San Diego for his vintage stereo equipment. I also crafted the speaker stands the speakers on resting on. The sides are dadoed into the sides and the back is open with stretches top and bottom for latteral support. It was a fun project since Walnut is one ofmy favorite woods.

Maple Metal Top Desk

Metal Top Desk

  • Name: Metal Top Desk
  • Wood: Maple with Black Patina Metal Top
  • Finish: Clear dull rubbed Pre-Cat Lacquer
  • Size: 39" high 30" wide 60" long

This Desk was crafted for a couple who needed a desk to meet their exact needs. They liked the farm style kitchen island design put wanted the right height for themselves. The result was a desk that was the perfect height for sitting or standing. The metal top of this desk is a 18 gauge cold rolled metal sheet that has been chemically patinaed and coated with a clear protective coating. The wood of the desk is Maple that has been stained brown. The design resulted in a very usful desk that was exactly what the clients desired.

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