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   We welcome you to our website and a look into what we as a fine woodworking studio can do for you.

Cherry Corner Table

Who is RMK Design?

We are a husband and wife family owned business dedicated to producing finely crafted woodwork creations for the enjoyment of our clients. As woodworkers we focus on the artistic side of woodworking including the use of exotic woods and materials. The use of curly figured woods such as Curly Koa or Curly Maple play a large part in our work. Rich is the designer of our furniture. Using CAD software, he creates 3 dimensional representations of the completed project so our clients will have an understanding of they will receive once the project is complete. Some of our offerings are Custom furniture, custom boxes, specialty cabinets such as buffets or hutches. Sarah is the designer and crafter of unique wood jewelry.

Our Story

Rich Kerrell has been woodworking since junior high and throughout high school. Once he graduated from High School, he went to work in antique restoration. During that time, he was also involved with the building of custom furniture. Rich also worked in a guitar shop for many years where he was exposed to the highly figured woods that RMK Designs uses today. Sarah become part of RMK Designs when her and Rich were married. We have spent many years attending Fine art and craft shows all around the western US. We continue to strive to produce unique works that are prized by our clients for the quality of craftsmanship.

What we can do for you

We have a long history of producing high quality custom furniture, specialty cabinets and decorative wood boxes. We personally design and source materials for all our projects. Our clients have quick access to us to inquire about their project and ask questions. RMK Designs is a full-service firm from design to delivery of every project we work on. One of the aspects that sets us apart is our access to the best woods and materials. This means we pick out every piece of lumber instead of just ordering lumber from the supplier and accepting whatever they bring. This ensures the best grain and color of the chosen woods.

Mahogany Picture FrameAmerican Made products

Another opportunity we are focusing on is to offer custom branded products tailored specifically for a company or organization. These can include our current products with your name on them or a specially designed product just for you. We also offer products for gifts both personal and corporate. Let us know how we can help you.

Find us in Art Galleries

Art galleries have become a major part of our offerings to the public. These locations provide us access to those who appreciate fine crafted products made by hand in the USA. This is our opportunity to showcase our unique designs of both furniture and décor. Currently we are in Art2 in Prescott, Arizona and The Gallery in Williams in Williams, Arizona. We plan to add more as we grow.

Get in touch

We offer free estimates on custom projects and are always available to talk about how we can help you. Our clients and potential clients are always welcome to visit us to see our studio and lean more about us. One of our biggest events is the Prescott Area Studio Tour held the first weekend of October at our studio here in Chino Valley, Arizona. Visit our events page for more info on the studio tour and other events we participate in each year. Feel free to contact us to lean more about our services or discuss a project.

Thank you

Thank you for visiting our website we hope you find it enjoyable and informative. Please feel free to leave a comment or question below in the comment section.